Childhood Matters at CSI

Child Saving Institute provides a safe haven and healing for thousands of innocent young victims of family crisis, neglect and abuse. We offer the vital services necessary to make at-risk children safe and fractured families whole through programs such as early childhood education, foster care, adoption, an emergency shelter, parenting classes and therapy.

Our mission is "responding to the cry of a child," but it is our vision that guides us as we work to give the children we serve safe, happy childhoods:

Our vision is that all children have homes where hope is kindled and dreams can be achieved.

This is our work, and they are ALL our children.



We Have Child Care Openings!

You want the very best for your little one. So do we.

We believe children’s brains are wired to learn through exploring the world around them, and it is our job as educators to provide the best possible environment filled with responsive, stimulating, and FUN experiences respectful of your child’s individual needs. We also believe in the importance of community and continuity, so your children feel a sense of belonging and connection with their teachers and friends.

Our child care centers also concentrate on relationships between your child and her teachers, effectively building foundations for security, independence and exploration. Learn more about our child care centers >>

For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact us at 402-504-3671 or

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