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Clark returned to CSI

In a letter, Clark explained the reasoning behind his return: “The Child Saving Institute is in sore straits. With no income for months, it has contracted bills, some more than six months old, and is now owning from $1,800 to $2,000, and with no support in sight for the future.”…
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Rev. Clark resigned

Rev. Clark resigned after 14 years due to his son’s illness. “My son, Alfred, collapsed mentally and physically four years ago, since which time he has been nearly two years in sanitariums. Last year, he spent several months in Colorado, and he was considerably improved. Mrs. Clark and our four…
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CSI served nearly 1,500 children

1904 CSI summer camp
CSI and Rev. Clark advocated that a special hospital should be available for children’s cases. CSI began renting rooms in the neighborhood to handle overflow, while tents were erected in the backyard of CSI as a place where babies can spend the warm months – a site known as “Summer…
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CSI opened first day nursery in Omaha

From the Omaha World-Herald: “A long felt want in Omaha is now to be met by the day nursery for babies at the Child Saving Institute, 504 South Eighteenth Street. The Creche never receives a child under the age of 1 ½ years, No Institution or society has undertaken to…
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Boys and Girls Aid Society was established

Rev. A.W. Clark, founder of Boys and Girls Aid Society
Boys and Girls Aid Society was founded on April 4, 1892, by Rev. A.W. Clark and his wife, Anna. The organization's initial focus was on providing care for neglected and abandoned children, providing services out of an abandoned stable at 18th and St. Mary’s (506 S. 18th Street).
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