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Reasons 110-125

110.  Peg Harriott, President and CEO 

Peg Harriott joined Child Saving Institute as president and chief executive officer in May 2008, with more than 30 years’ experience working with children and women in crisis.

She began her career while earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology with minors in social work and women’s studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). She later earned master’s degrees in social work and business administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

For the last 19 years, Peg has served in organizational leadership roles with the YWCA (now the Women’s Center for Advancement) and Child Saving Institute.

Peg said she always knew she was going to spend her career in a helping profession. In high school, she worked as a camp counselor for the Great Plains Girl Scout Council, earning promotions to assistant camp director and counselor-in training director.

“Girl Scouts provided me with my first opportunity to serve in a leadership positions,” Peg said. “It was great experience.”

During college, she worked for UNL’s Mental Health Clinic personal crisis line as a paraprofessional counselor and publicity coordinator. She had a second job in Omaha as a resident advisor at the former Uta Halee Girls Village/Cooper Village. It was there she began her career, providing direct care to emotionally disturbed girls in their daily living environment within a residential treatment program. She earned her first promotion before graduating and worked there for nearly 21 years, earning additional promotions and ultimately becoming chief operating officer.

She joined the YWCA as executive director of the association and board from 1999-2008. The YWCA focused on domestic violence and sexual assault counseling, career services for women, and programs to eliminate racism. Peg provided leadership to the strategic and daily operations plan and was responsible for fiscal management and fundraising.

Now in her 10th year with Child Saving Institute, Peg’s broad experience, calm nature, highly qualified team, and love for children brings a positive and strong vision for the agency’s future.


111.  In 2017, CSI's therapy program served 499 children and family members experiencing trauma, neglect, and abuse, a 43 percent increase over the prior year. 


112.  The KidSquad team provided social emotional development and behavior support to 82 children ages birth to 6 enrolled in childcare centers across the metro Omaha area. They also provided support and education in 114 classrooms reaching a total 1,600 children.


113.  The School & Family Enrichment (SAFE) program expanded services in 2017 to include Millard Public Schools as well as Omaha Public Schools, serving 117 kids plus their families.

114.  In 2017, CSI's Early Childhood Education Center and Spellman Child Development Center served 293 children from 6 weeks to school age.


115.  The Triage Center at Project Harmony, operated by CSI, served 894 children through 2017, providing comfort, food, clothing, and safety on what was likely one of the worst days of their young lives.


116.  In-Home Services worked with 69 families on intense family preservation, to remedy home situations brought to the attention of the Department of Health and Human Services. This program supports families to create safe, healthy environments for their children.


117.  The Pediatric Social Work program provided 2,649 educational consultations and served 37 individuals in 2017.


118.  CSI provided post-adoption services to 80 individuals seeking to connect with their biological families, obtain medical histories, or find other information, during its 125th year.


119.  In 2017, the Independent Living Skills program served 67 teens in danger of aging out of the foster care system without the support of a family, helping them connect with community resources, apply for jobs or continuing education, fill out required forms for healthcare, develop a personal budget, and set goals for their futures.

120.  The Permanancy Services team sought families for 103 children, including children who appear on NebraskaHeartGallery.org and conducted 18 foster child adoptive home studies in 2017. 


121.  The Foster Care team supported 156 children in kinship and other foster homes during 2017.


122.  In 2017, the Emergency Shelter provided safe housing to 102 children who experienced disruption in their placements or were transitioning between placements.


123.  Sixty-six percent of CSI's client families had an annual income of $0- $25,000 or less, with 20 percent earning $25,000-$50,000, and 14 percent earning over $50,000, in 2017.


124.  In 2017, 61 percent of CSI's clients were between the ages of 0-12; 19 percent were 13-17 years old; 5 percent were 18-24 years old; 11 percent were age 25-44; and the remaining 4 percent were 45 and older.


125.  Altogether in 2017, the agency's 125th year of serving the children and families of the metro Omaha area, Child Saving Institute provided direct services to nearly 2,800 children and parents, and indirectly touched the lives of thousands more.

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