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Dough in the Toe 2021—What Is Your Passion?

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in 2021, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on our values. In the past several weeks, we have been thinking about the “whys” in life. Why have we been so blessed in our lives? Why do we feel so strongly about helping others, especially children? Why do we support the charities we do?

In thinking about the “whys,” we realize everything leads to one common answer: It is our passion to share with others the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us throughout our lives. Of most importance, it is our passion to pass along love and support to others, but most especially to children who are the most vulnerable.

What Is Your Passion?

Are you called to help provide a safe haven for vulnerable children? Do you aspire to support teens who grew up in foster care and are now living on their own without loving supports? Perhaps you yearn to support single mothers who struggle to provide nutritious meals to their children.

Wherever you find your passion, there are many opportunities to fulfill it! If you have time to volunteer—volunteer. If you have a talent to share—share. If you have the extra means to support an organization like Child Saving Institute (CSI) financially—give.

When asked why we, our children, our parents, and even Julie’s grandparents have all chosen to support CSI, it became clear how closely the CSI mission, “responding to the cry of a child,” aligns with our principles. All children deserve the love, support and security that we have been blessed with in our lives. Even though this past year has been especially hard, CSI’s doors remained open providing healing and hope to thousands of children and their families through its 16 programs.

Let’s come together this year to help hurting children and families dream about and create their own passions—allowing their dreams to become reality.

Join us with a donation to CSI whose many programs and services are dedicated to supporting children, youth and families who have experienced abuse, neglect and trauma. With our support, CSI can continue the fight to provide healing, safety and healthy homes for children across the community in which we call home.

Your passion can transform a young person’s trauma into a dream. Donate today.

With love,


2021 Dough in the Toe Chairs: Julie & David Shaner

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