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In response to these uncertain times, we've adjusted our traditional Dough in the Toe appeal and made the difficult decision to cancel our signature Cabaret event for the first time in our organization's 128-year history. Please consider making a donation instead as we work to bring together our community to protect children during this unique time. Now, more than ever, your support will help save lives. 


From Dough in the Toe Chair Gail Graeve

Being a kid in today’s world is not easy. Children face pressures that did not exist when we were growing up. This is one reason, of many, that our family is linked to Child Saving Institute (CSI).

Annually, CSI serves more than 2,800 children in our community who need support. This number is unfortunately growing and presents an opportunity for all of us to come together to help hurting kids! CSI works to ensure that every child who walks through their doors is given a healthy, safe and memorable childhood. They do this through an impressive array of programs, passionate and dedicated employees, and their prominent place in the fabric of
the Omaha community.

CSI is one of the oldest social service organizations in Omaha – for more than 128 years the agency has been taking care of kids and families. They offer a wide range of supports including foster care services, therapy, early childhood education, adoption services, independent living services, pediatric social services and parenting support. They also provide a therapeutic emergency shelter for youth up to age 18, who need a safe and healthy place to temporarily live and prepare for a bright future.

Our family can attest to CSI’s caring and professional approach. They played a critical role in our adoption journey. We worked with the agency early on in the process and remain in touch with their caring professionals 13 years later! Our caseworker, Evell, calmed our nerves, provided guidance and helped us prepare for our forever family. We are forever linked to CSI.

You never know how your life may intersect with others. Join us today to help support children and families who need it most in our community. Your financial gift links children to CSI who are waiting, hoping and praying for a brighter and healthier future!

Without question, our life circles form a chain, linking us to one another –
creating a strong community. YOU can be the link that changes a child’s life
forever. Will you join us?

Many thanks!

The Graeve Family

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