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Dough in the Toe 2022

Years ago, Child Saving Institute's (CSI) Dough in the Toe mailing included a single baby bootie and the community was invited to stuff a “little dough in the toe” for children. While booties are no longer part of the mailing, the need to help children remains. Please give today and provide love and safety to children living in our community.

The past several years have been extraordinarily challenging for many—especially children. However, the uncertainty shines a light on the things that remain steadfast.

We know that, unfortunately, many children and families right here in Omaha experience difficulties. Whether it’s housing instability, mental health or food insecurity—some individuals are faced with more obstacles than we can ever imagine.

We also know that there are organizations dedicated to helping those in need. One organization close to our hearts is Child Saving Institute (CSI) celebrating its 130-year anniversary of providing quality programs, services and compassion to local children and families who are suffering.

As the needs of the Omaha community change, CSI’s services evolve to meet those needs. Whatever the obstacle, CSI is there to assist. With your support, CSI will continue its mission long into the future, positively impacting more children and families.

Over the years, CSI has played a pivotal role in our own family. From volunteerism, to serving on the Guild and Board of Directors, to being employed at the agency, CSI is forever deeply rooted within our family.

Today, we ask that you join us to reflect on the current needs of our neighbors together to find a way to lift them up.—of those children and families not too far away—and come

Your donation to CSI is incredibly impactful. It directly helps a young child enrolled in its Early Childhood Education program, or a teen seeking therapy services, or a youth who is temporarily displaced and living in the Emergency Shelter. Your donation will make a difference to the 2,800 children and families receiving vital services each year from CSI.

Will you join us? Donate today and see how your gift can truly make a difference in a child’s life so they can live a happier and brighter future.


2022 Dough in the Toe Chairs
Susie & Marvin Cohn
Dana & David Wear

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