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From Dough in the Toe Chair Adrienne Fay

Community supporter. Board member. Parent. These adjectives describe my personal involvement with Child Saving Institute (CSI) during the past decade. With your support, we will add “fundraiser.” 

CSI is among just a handful of organizations that have supported Omaha for more than 126 years. My own story at CSI began with supporting the agency through my employer, Borsheims. Managing Borsheims’ philanthropy led to a CSI board position and then my love for CSI resulted in my youngest daughter attending the Early Childhood Education Center at the Dodge Street campus.

I have witnessed the mission in action: Responding to the cry of a child. Be that a child in therapy, a youth staying in the Emergency Shelter, or a child enrolled in one of CSI’s two early childhood education programs: the quality of care and emphasis on the individual is present.

I urge you to support children through a gift to Dough in the Toe and help Omaha children from all backgrounds and all needs. My own ClareBear came to CSI as a shy and introverted 3-year-old. Through CSI she has developed into a spunky and talkative preschooler. What CSI does for ClareBear is one-tenth of the care and treatment they provide for thousands of Nebraska kiddos.

Your support will directly help children and I thank you in advance for your consideration. Donate Now!

With gratitude,

Adrienne M. Fay

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