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Legacy Giving

Imagine giving helpless children everything you want them to have…

  • Safe homes
  • Loving families
  • Hope for their future

Caring for the Children of Child Saving Institute has been important to you for years. Legacy Giving is a way to support Child Saving Institute’s kids long into the future. Almost everyone can make this kind of gift because most Legacy Gifts come from the money you have remaining at the end of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are affluent or have moderate means, you can make a Legacy Gift. These gifts are sometimes called "planned gifts" because they require advance planning. You may want to ask your professional advisor for help.


The most common Legacy Gift is a bequest in your will or trust.

To leave a gift in your will or trust, simply include these words: "I give ___% and/or $____ of my estate to Child Saving Institute Foundation, Inc. EIN 20-1862135"


Another easy way to make a Legacy Gift is a beneficiary designation.

If you’ve accumulated retirement savings in a taxable IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) account, taxes will reduce the value of those dollars to your family. But, because Child Saving Institute is tax-exempt, your hard-earned dollars in those accounts will retain their full value if you use them to fund your Legacy Gift for CSI’s kids. Simply call the institution that administers your tax-deferred asset and ask for a beneficiary designation form. Then add Child Saving Institute (Child Saving Institute Foundation, Inc. EIN 20-1862135) as a full or partial beneficiary of any assets that may remain in this account at your death.

It’s also easy to make the kids of Child Saving Institute beneficiaries of your life insurance policy. If you’re like many families, you may have found that you no longer need your previously purchased life insurance policy to support your family’s financial needs. You can designate CSI’s kids as the full or partial beneficiary. (If your needs change, the beneficiaries can be changed again later.)

You can also talk to your banker or investment manager about Pay on Death (POD) or Transfer on Death (TOD) instructions that will transfer a portion of those assets to Child Saving Institute’s kids.


Other Legacy Gifts include:

  • Securities
  • Real estate, land, or other tangible assets
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Living Trust
  • Savings Bonds
  • Charitable Gift Annuities 

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For more information please contact Cali Page, Legacy Giving Coordinator, at cpage@childsaving.org or 402-504-3661.




To include Child Saving Institute's kids in your estate plans, please contact:

Cali Page
Legacy Giving Coordinator

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