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Mental Health Awareness Month: The Journey of Play Therapy

By May 21, 2024No Comments

Imagine a world where children speak the language of play. A world where their play comes to life. Where they can speak to you and tell you stories through their play. Child Saving Institute (CSI) lies at the core of supporting local youth. Helping their play come to life. In the world of child psychology, a special tool is used to help little hearts heal: play therapy.

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach that allows children to express themselves, explore their feelings and make sense of their experiences through play. Whether it’s creating art, playing with dolls or engaging in imaginative scenarios, play becomes the language through which children communicate their deep thoughts and emotions that they might not know how to verbally describe.

Behavioral issues can be daunting for families. From tantrums to anxiety, every challenge carries a story waiting to be heard. The good part? CSI can help. While there are a wide variety of therapies for children, play therapy opens the doors to understanding these untold stories. It helps children express their thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening environment. CSI’s therapists meet the children at their level and help them express what they might be feeling, in real time.

“Mental health shape’s people’s trajectories.”

Maureen W. Gatere | DNP, MPH, APRN

Communication with Play

One of the wonders of play therapy is its ability to bridge communication gaps. Children who struggle to express themselves verbally often find solace in play. Through play, they can unravel complex emotions and make sense of their world. This newfound clarity paves the way for healthier relationships, both within their family and in social settings.

CSI is not just a provider of mental health services in Omaha; it’s a community dedicated to nurturing children and strengthening families. Through play therapy and a range of other programs, CSI offers support tailored to each child and family’s unique needs. And we do it With Heart & Humanity. Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to shine light on the mental health of our community’s smallest members.

Every step forward is a victory worth celebrating. In play therapy, progress takes many forms – a smile where there once was a frown, a newfound sense of confidence or a deeper connection within the family. CSI celebrates these milestones, honoring the resilience and courage of every child and family on their journey to healing. Each experience is unique, and we are here to champion what’s best for each child and family.

As parents, navigating behavioral challenges can be overwhelming. CSI recognizes this and offers support not just to children but to families as a whole. Through parent education, support groups, and counseling, CSI equips families with the tools they need to foster positive change. Providing wrap-around support.

CSI has immediate openings in Pediatric & Adolescent Therapy and Medication Management. Your child can receive support now. To book an appointment for therapy or medication support, click here. We can’t wait to meet you!