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Sharing Our Gifts

Published Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet two of the inaugural members of Child Saving Institute’s Legacy Society—Ruth and Paul Few of Lincoln.

Married couple chooses Child Saving Institute's kids for their planned legacy giftIt's not every day you meet a couple with so many meaningful connections to Child Saving Institute. Ruth's introduction to the agency occurred when she served her practicum with the agency while completing her Master's degree in social work in the late 1960s. The following summer after the practicum, she was hired to write agency procedural manuals detailing programming best practices. (It should also be noted that Ruth was a grad school chum of Donna Tubach-Davis, who later served as CSI's Executive Director for nearly 25 years.)

As a social worker (she still works on call in the in-patient child and adolescent psych department of a local hospital), Ruth is committed to children and families and has always viewed CSI as a model for innovative, effective services for kids. She was especially impressed by CSI's focus on finding loving homes for African-American kids and the federally-funded "Black Homes for Black Children" program. Because of the historic connection of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to CSI and the church's focus on children and families, Ruth joined the church…and that is how she eventually met her husband, Paul, an active Christian Church member.

In the meantime, Paul's professional life also focused on kids. As a member of the senior management team of Nebraska Public Radio (now NET) and one of the founders of Nebraska Educational Television, he concentrated on providing quality, educational programming to augment classroom curriculums across the state—and eventually nationwide. He also became a devoted volunteer on the CSI Board of Directors, serving three six-year terms (sitting out the requisite two years between terms). When asked why they decided to leave CSI in their estate plan, Paul quickly responded, "We believe strongly in the services CSI provides—particularly their commitment to quality foster care and the children’s shelter."

"Throughout their long history, CSI has always provided much needed services to kids," Ruth adds. "Those of us who have been blessed financially have a responsibility to share our gifts with those who have needs."

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