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Child Saving Institute Celebrates 130 Years of Helping Omaha Families Find Hope

April 7, 2022

For 130 years, Child Saving Institute (CSI) has been dedicated to the prevention, intervention and healing of child abuse, neglect and trauma. Over the years, as the needs of the Omaha community have changed, so have CSI’s programs and services.

What was once known as the leading agency providing infant adoption services, today CSI provides an array of services, all aligned to bring hope and healing to children, teens and families. While child-focused, CSI provides a multi-generational approach, assisting entire family units to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Amidst the prolonged pandemic, CSI kept its doors open, providing services to more than 2,500 children and their families last year amongst its 15 programs. Each CSI program or service area is geared to aid a local need. One growing area of interest for many families being the accessibility and availability of Early Childhood Education.

“We understand the importance of Early Childhood Education and brain development,” says Jaymes Sime, President & CEO. “At CSI, we believe all children deserve equal opportunities, and we continue to strive to provide high-quality Early Childhood Education to as many local children and families as possible.”

It doesn’t stop with Early Childhood Education, however. CSI also provides Foster Care services, an Emergency Shelter for teens needing a temporary place to live, Triage Center services in partnership with Project Harmony, and comprehensive Mental Health Services, including Therapy and Medication Management Services for children, teens and young adults.

Most recently, CSI added its Family Empowerment Program in collaboration with the Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA) to assist parents and caregivers and their children who are survivors of domestic violence in the Omaha-metro.

The Family Empowerment Program offers a research-based model to help enhance life after domestic violence for survivors. Parents and caregivers attend adult group classes while children and youth engage in fun, interactive activities proven to address, process and heal trauma. Together, families grow as a cohesive family unit and develop skills to find stability.

“Since its inception 130 years ago, the goal of CSI has been to meet the needs of children in the Omaha community. We continue to fulfill the mission of ‘responding to the cry of a child’ to this very day through our evolving programs and services. We are beyond proud to continue to serve the Omaha community and couldn’t do this work with our committed supporters.” Sime adds.

Consider a $130 Gift

To commemorate this significant milestone, we are asking our supporters to donate $130, or one dollar for each year we have spent dedicated to helping children and families realize their dreams.

Thank you for helping us continue our mission to "respond to the cry of a child" for many more years to come. If you are able, send your commemorative gift here.

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From Past to Present

During the Great Depression, once a year for many years, trains would stop in small towns across Iowa and Nebraska and kids and families would fill a boxcar with canned and fresh fruits and vegetables for the CSI kids. At least once, children and families in western Nebraska filled an entire boxcar with potatoes.



Preschool children enjoy CSI’s nationally-certified outdoor Nature Explore Classroom. CSI’s Early Childhood Education program provides child-care services at two Omaha locations.




CSI provides an array of services, all aligned to bring hope and healing to children, teens and families. It’s main office is located at 4545 Dodge Street in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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