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Donations Make Shelter Youth’s Christmas a Happy One

Child Saving Institute's Emergency Shelter received a generous holiday gift in honor of Maureen Ricketts to provide a special holiday dinner for the youth in Child Saving Institute’s (CSI) shelter, knowing that it is hard to be away from family — particularly during the holidays.

Maureen has long supported CSI’s efforts for the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, along with the rest of her family, so it was natural that Laura and Susanne would think about CSI’s kids.

Staff members also took advantage of the generosity of other CSI donors who supported the CSI Guild’s Substitute Santa campaign, providing holiday gifts for the youth and their siblings, all wrapped and placed under the tree in the Emergency Shelter living room.

The success of this unique Christmas celebration relied on the generosity and care of complete strangers who have a heart for kids. 

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