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Adoption Services


Adopting a Child in Foster Care

Child Saving Institute adoption specialists are dedicated to preparing and supporting children in foster care throughout their journey to find Forever Families. One of the ways we serve the children is to apply innovative recruitment techniques to identify the very best "fit" in adoptive families. In turn, we also provide guidance, support, and training to those opening their homes to these children—both before and after placement—in order to ensure family success.

Those families interested in adopting children in foster care must first receive training and complete a home study to become licensed foster parentsAt this time, CSI is not accepting applications from families who are interested only in adopting infants. 

Identified Adoption or Relative Adoption

If you have already been identified to adopt a child known or related to you, Child Saving Institute will complete your adoptive home study and provide post placement support.

Post-Adoption Support

Child Saving Institute will assist you in obtaining medical, social, and photograph information when available for those individuals previously adopted from CSI. We also assist in locating biological family members and will serve as the facilitator to initiate contact with them. Contact our post-adoption staff >>

Child Saving Institute completes a comprehensive home study (family assessment) prior to approval for ALL types of adoption. Following placement of a child in your home, the adoption worker will continue to offer support and post placement visits until your adoption is finalized. In this way, we lead the way in creatively "growing" loving families.  

To speak with an adoption specialist, please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 or inquire here.



Interested in adoption?

Please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 to speak with an adoption specialist.


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