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Adopting? Here’s “Why CSI”

Adoption is a journey full of different experiences and a decision that people come to for a variety of reasons. We are committed to finding Forever Families for children in need.

  • Some families want to adopt because they are unable to have children biologically. 
  • Some families are aware of older child adoption and want to give a safe, loving home to a child who dreams of a secure, stable home.

Regardless of where you might be on your journey, Child Saving Institute wants you to have an opportunity to learn about adoption and become more informed about the child for whom you might be the best adoptive parent.

An Adoption Leader for 125 Years

Here are just a few of the reasons Child Saving Institute has been a leader in placing children for adoption for more than 125 years:

  • We are grounded in the best permanency practices of open adoption, older child adoption, and post-adoption support.
  • CSI’s adoption specialists have received comprehensive training in preparing you to care for children who have endured trauma. They are experts in attachment and are adept in evidence-based practices to help you prepare your family for a new (perhaps older) addition.
  • We are there for you providing the support you need throughout the entire process—from licensing and timely home study completion to identifying children who might be the best fit for your family. In addition, we offer ongoing education and support during the placement phase all the way through finalization.
  • Child Saving Institute’s adoption philosophies are based on the following beliefs:
  • We focus on the best interests of the child when finding a Forever Family for the child.
  • Every child has the right to a permanent, nurturing, and safe family.
  • The agency is legally, morally, and ethically responsible for trying to place children in homes where they will have the opportunity to develop healthy self-concepts and receive the physical and emotional nurturing support they need to develop their full potential.

As you open your heart to the possibility of adoption, we hope you’ll rely on us to answer your many questions about adoption and the children currently waiting for loving families. No matter where your adoption journey may take you, Child Saving Institute hopes to be a part of it as a resource for information, education, and support. 

To speak with an adoption specialist, please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 or inquire here.



Interested in adoption?

Please contact Child Saving Institute at 402-553-6000 to speak with an adoption specialist.


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