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Parent Testimonials

What parents are saying about our child care centers

As you know, most often I’m very laidback, carefree, and occasionally, even downright goofy. But I wanted to take a moment to be serious and tell you what a wonderful team you have.

I have trouble finding the words to express our gratitude for the work your team has done with Ethan and Alex. Both boys enjoy going to Spellman and feel safe there. Alex loves Jessy and Dorothy and speaks of them often at home. That tells us a lot. Alex may occasionally be "clingy" when I drop him off...but hey...what can I say...he has an awesome dad. But I digress. Seriously, Alex is always fine moments after I leave and has learned so much in his time with the team of Dorothy and Jessy at Spellman.

Meanwhile, when Ethan started Kindergarten last Fall, we quickly noticed/learned he was way ahead of the curve in what the rest of the class was working on. We hoped he would be "prepared," but he exceeded our expectations. I give full credit for his being prepared for that next step to Spellman.

I want to give an extra special shout-out to Emily and Keon, as I have watched them on many occasions and their work caring for the kids is fantastic. Emily and Keon are both very proactive with the kids. On the several field trips I attended with "Rainbow Fish," I was extremely impressed with the way Emily and Keon managed the group, cared for the kids' needs, stayed on track, and mostly...how they educated the kids to the specific sights they were seeing.

I speak very highly of Emily, Keon, and Spellman CDC, when I am often asked about "What is Ethan is doing for the Summer?" or "Where does Alex attend preschool?" In either case, I enthusiastically tell of how happy the boys have been at Spellman. If in your management position you have an opportunity to offer feedback based awards, bonuses, or both, to your staff...please consider it here.

In a word...your team is truly...Exemplary. - Sincerely, Al Holzapfel



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