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In-Home Services

The goal of Child Saving Institute’s In-Home Services program is family preservation.

When a family has been involved with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), whether through the courts or not, PromiseShip may refer them to CSI’s In-Home Services program for support.

Child Saving Institute’s family support specialists work with families to correct the concerns that led to the families’ involvement with DHHS or PromiseShip.

Staff work with parents to improve youth and/or family functioning in the following areas:

  • Ensuring the home is safe and clean and the utilities are on.
  • Building parental skills including schedule management and appropriate discipline.
  • Teaching communication techniques to all members of the family and enhancing family problem-solving.
  • Connecting the family with community resources and helping them schedule and keep medical and dental appointments.
  • Ensuring the children are going to school, completing their work, and getting their emotional needs met.
  • Helping the family connect with others through their faith, kids’ sports, or other activities so they have a group with whom they can spend time and build relationships.
  • Helping the family set priorities and goals along with a budget, and helping the adults identify resources for job finding and transportation.

Child Saving Institute family support specialists use the “Nurturing Families” model, an evidence-based curriculum, to help parents improve their situations to keep the family together or, if the children have been removed from the home, to reunify the family.

The program lasts approximately 12 weeks, during which time the participating families have access to 24-hour-a-day crisis intervention. This program accepts referrals only from DHHS and PromiseShip. For more information about In-Home Services, contact Joe Maggett at 402.553.6000, ext. 665.


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