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Real-Life Questions; Honest Answers

I’d like to parent my baby, but I’ve been so depressed and I don’t have a job right now. What should I do?
An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult under the best of circumstances, and particularly difficult to handle when there are additional challenges. We will help you secure the services you need to help you feel better and prepare to parent your baby.


I’m going to parent my baby, but I need help signing up for WIC and other services. Can you help?
Yes! We’ll work together with you to figure out what services you qualify for and help guide you in accessing these services. 


I’m pregnant and I’m considering placing my baby for adoption, but I haven’t told the father. Do I have to?
In most cases, the father must be identified and notified of the adoption plan. In some cases, the father must also consent to the adoption. We will talk with you about your personal situation and provide information regarding the legal adoption process as it relates to your circumstances. And we will support you as you carry out your plan.


Are you going to push me to place my baby for adoption?
No! Our goal is to provide you the information and support you need to make a decision that is best for you.


I’m pregnant, but when I told my mom, she kicked me out of the house. I’m staying at my boyfriend’s parents’ house, but it’s a tough situation. I don’t know what to do. Can you help?
We will help you determine the resources available to you and help you select the option that works best for you.  


If I decide to place my baby for adoption, do I get to choose the family?
Yes. Your counselor will first listen to your wishes for an adopted family—noting whatever is important to you. For example, some clients want an adoptive family that already has children, while others want a family that is childless. Some feel strongly about where a family lives—an urban or a rural setting. You will then be able to select a family from several available profiles.


I want to place my baby for adoption, but my boyfriend’s family doesn’t want me to. What should I do?
While the decision is yours to make, we understand the feelings of others can be difficult to manage. We can help you figure out how to communicate your feelings to your boyfriend’s family and, if you want, they could be included in services. 


If I place my baby for adoption, can I maintain a relationship with her as she grows up?
We facilitate open adoptions at CSI because we believe it is in the best interest of adopted children to have a connection with their birth parents. The level of openness is unique to each circumstance and can include the exchange of photos and letters and face-to-face visits.


My mom wants me to place my baby for adoption, but I want to keep him. What now?
Our counselors are trained to help families deal with conflicts resulting from differing opinions about what to do.


I am in an abusive relationship.  I’m scared to leave, but I don’t want to raise my baby in this environment. Can you help?
We can help. We will meet you at Child Saving Institute or at another safe place and discuss your options and help you make a plan to ensure you and your baby are safe. 

Contact a pregnancy counselor at 402-553-6000.



We can help.

We can help you explore your options and resources. Contact a pregnancy counselor at 402-553-6000.



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