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About Us

Child Saving Institute (CSI) exists to serve the changing needs of children and families in the Omaha area. For more than 131 years, we’ve worked to provide diverse programs and services, help strengthen families and communities, and offer a spectrum of support for the people we serve. Our team is committed to finding the right path and combination of services to meet each child and every family where they are.

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At CSI, we’re driven to create environments where each person we serve and every partner in service — from our employees and volunteers to board members and donors — feels safe, heard and seen. We seek to champion children and families by providing the mental, emotional and physical spaces they need to feel empowered and to thrive. And with the support of our generous donors, we’re making it happen.

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Our Purpose, Promise and Values

We are guided by a deep understanding of the needs of the people we serve and a desire to lead with empathy, create safe spaces, and meet each person where they are. Our Purpose, Promise and Values move us forward and help us ensure that every service offered and every decision made reflects the foundation of our organization.

Our Purpose: Champion what’s best for each child and family

Our Promise: With Heart & Humanity

Our Values: Humanity and Perseverance for Growth

Portrait of a Little Girl
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Our Values


Lead with empathy.
Create safe spaces.
Meet people where they are.


Establish trust.
Celebrate legacy.


Encourage curiosity.
Craft a unique path.
Build confidence.
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Kids outside back of potato train car

Our History

Our story begins in Omaha in 1892, when, due to epidemics, poverty and the difficulties of pioneer life, many children were left in need of parental care. CSI met the need in a revolutionary way – putting the well-being of children first and working to be a voice for the voiceless.

We’ve continued this tradition of support and advocacy for more than 131 years, expanding services, legislating to improve the lives of children and families, adding resources and growing to accommodate the needs of our community. Our rich history might surprise you! Learn more and discover the ways our past accomplishments inform our present and future.

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Our Impact

It’s one thing to read about the resources we offer. It’s another to see the numbers – the real, positive impact our people and services have on children and families throughout the Omaha area. Explore Our Impact, download our Annual Report and more.

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Child Saving Institute Caregiver Working with Children

Our People

Since day one, the people of CSI — our leadership team and staff, our Board of Directors and our Guild Board — have been a caring presence behind the services we provide and guiding force behind the mission of our organization, working together to meet changing needs and champion what’s best for each child and family.

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