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Become an AUNTY

In 2012, a small group of women came together and formed a giving circle called the “CSI AUNTYs.” Today, this group continues to meet twice a year to better the lives of children and youth in our care.

Child Standing In Front of Blue WallCSI AUNTYs raise funds via membership dues and at the end of the year, the group of women decide where in the agency the funds will provide additional support. One program might be awarded all the designated funds, or the funds could be divided among several programs or projects. Funds are also available throughout the year if a teen or child is in need of something special like senior pictures, a prom dress, karate lessons or a laptop for school.

Together, the CSI AUNTYs form a “village” of support for the children and youth in CSI’s care. AUNTYs are women who want to know what is happening in child welfare in Omaha and in Nebraska. They want to be there for kids through the ups and downs of their young lives, making life a little sweeter during challenging times.

Questions about becoming an AUNTY?

Meet the AUNTYs

Becky Bischof

Donnette Borcherding

Juliet Brown

Kim Cappellano

Christy Carpino

Lisa Connealy

Jessica Covi

Paige Festersen

Louise Finkenbinder

Liz Fogle

Jill Goldstein

Wanda Gottschalk

Kathy Gross

Mary Lou Hannibal

Peg Harriott

Judy Haecker

Melanie Hecker

Cindy Heider

Addie Hollingsworth

Ashley Jankowski

Larissa Johnson

Kari Jorth

Morgan Keen Hecht

Becki Kerns

Chris LaFever

Lisa Lehan

Carol Lewis

Jennifer Likes

Joan Miller

Erica Moller

Wendy Moore

Christine Nikunen

Dawn O’Brien

Stephanie Pantano

Stephanie Reeves

Kimberly Remmereid

Linda Renner

Jen Rutar

Mary Senff

Marci Sesker

Julie Shaner

Donna Tubach-Davis

Michele Thompson

Heather Vanourney

Dana Wear

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