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Agency Updates

Child Saving Institute Appoints Top Talent to Key Positions in Executive, Operations and Medical Roles

We are excited to welcome three new individuals to Child Saving Institute's (CSI) executive, operations and mental health teams. We seek to include a diverse team bringing expertise from different personal and professional backgrounds. CSI is happy to welcome Kristen Rodriguez, Erin Weis and Maureen W. Gatere as its newest…
December 6, 2023 Read More
Hope in Action

Trauma Informed Care: Tantrums to Tea Parties

Have you heard of play therapy before? We know, it might not sound like much more than what you do at home. But, the opportunities from this type of therapy are endless. This specific type of therapy is used when children have a hard time putting their feelings into words.…
November 22, 2023 Read More
Groundbreaking event 2023
Agency Updates

Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Milestone for Child Saving Institute, Heider Family Foundation’s $11 Million Pledge

Child Saving Institute (CSI) is grateful to announce they have broken ground on its $46M Campaign for Hope expansion project. This milestone is possible, thanks to a generous pledge of $11 million from the Heider Family Foundation and major support from other likeminded donors in our community. This combined commitment…
October 19, 2023 Read More
Jaymes Sime headshot
Agency Updates

Jaymes Sime Receives Prestigious 2023 JCI USA TOYA Award

We are delighted to announce that Jaymes Sime, a true visionary and catalyst for positive change, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 JCI USA Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Award. This recognition underscores Sime's exceptional accomplishments, unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions to society. The JCI USA TOYA Award is…
October 2, 2023 Read More
Little girl drawing on wall
Hope in Action

World’s Okayest Caregiver: Embrace the Oops

Parenthood is a roller coaster ride filled with exhilarating highs and lows. Sometimes, you have a night of sleep that's shorter than a toddler's attention span, you've spilled coffee on your last clean shirt, and your little one is demonstrating a new passion for drawing on your living room walls.…
September 22, 2023 Read More
CSInsider Fall 2023 - Cover
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CSInsider: Fall 2023

View or download the CSInsider: Fall 2023 Issue
September 1, 2023 Read More
Spaceship and galaxy illustration
Hope in Action

Let’s Get Crafty: Your Art is ‘Out of this World’

Channel your inner artist and go on a colorful journey right at home. Let's go "out of this world" into the world of galactic painting, where you and your little ones can create a stunning masterpiece to hang proudly on your walls (or the kitchen fridge). Materials Needed: Black construction…
August 22, 2023 Read More
Teenager hugging her grandma
Hope in Action

World’s Okayest Caregiver: Celebrating Mediocrity

Parenting is often seen as the ultimate superpower. We're bombarded with images of perfect caregivers who seem to effortlessly juggle their work and home life while raising well-behaved, brilliant children. But what if I told you that being an okay parent is more than enough? Welcome to the world of…
July 19, 2023 Read More
Agency Updates

Child Saving Institute Appoints New Director of Human Resources

Child Saving Institute (CSI) has appointed Leslie Corona as its new Director of Human Resources. With more than 13 years of experience, Corona has excelled in various organizational contexts including food manufacturing and small business. She embarked on her HR journey by joining a non-profit organization catering to individuals with…
June 27, 2023 Read More
Father comforting young child in his arms
Hope in Action

Trauma Informed Care: Breaking the Cycle

In today’s fast-paced world and ever-changing environments, it’s crucial to recognize and address the impact of trauma on children and families. Trauma-informed care has emerged as a groundbreaking approach to healing and support those individuals who have experienced trauma. Child Saving Institute (CSI) is at the forefront of this care…
June 12, 2023 Read More
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