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Hope in Action

Why are Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Sessions Important?

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) offers a heartwarming and effective approach for young children facing behavioral challenges. What makes PCIT truly special is the dynamic role of the therapist, who helps foster a nurturing environment through interactive “coaching” sessions. Imagine this: you and your child are in a cozy playroom, engaging…
June 14, 2024 Read More
Hope in Action

Mental Health Awareness Month: The Journey of Play Therapy

Imagine a world where children speak the language of play. A world where their play comes to life. Where they can speak to you and tell you stories through their play. Child Saving Institute (CSI) lies at the core of supporting local youth. Helping their play come to life. In…
May 21, 2024 Read More
Hope in Action

Mental Health Awareness Month: Breaking the Stigma

During the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, it's crucial to shine a spotlight on an often-overlooked aspect of this conversation: the mental well-being of children. In a world that's increasingly complex and fast-paced, the mental health of our youngest humans is of paramount importance. Anxiety and depression among…
May 3, 2024 Read More
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April 22, 2024 Read More
Agency Updates

Child Saving Institute Recognizes Local Volunteers and Organizations with Annual Awards

Child Saving Institute (CSI) recently awarded seven individuals with various awards for their dedicated commitment to CSI and aiding local families in need of additional support. CSI proudly honors these remarkable individuals whose unwavering dedication has significantly impacted the lives of children and families. The Donna Tubach-Davis Award is being…
January 23, 2024 Read More
Hope in Action

Coping with the Changes of an Unplanned Pregnancy

From the fear and uncertainty that comes with an unplanned pregnancy, to the thought of taking on the responsibility that is parenthood, unplanned pregnancies can feel like your world is crashing down. But you are not alone. Whether you are facing this situation or supporting someone who is, it’s important…
January 18, 2024 Read More
Hope in Action

Children or Sponges: The Child’s Mind

Have you ever noticed how quickly children learn? How fast they pick up on new skills? Their brains develop rapidly. The early years are a critical time for the growth and development of your child! They’re learning all of their new strengths…like doing puzzles, holding a pen, or kicking a…
December 21, 2023 Read More
Agency Updates

Child Saving Institute Appoints Top Talent to Key Positions in Executive, Operations and Medical Roles

We are excited to welcome three new individuals to Child Saving Institute's (CSI) executive, operations and mental health teams. We seek to include a diverse team bringing expertise from different personal and professional backgrounds. CSI is happy to welcome Kristen Rodriguez, Erin Weis and Maureen W. Gatere as its newest…
December 6, 2023 Read More
Hope in Action

Trauma Informed Care: Tantrums to Tea Parties

Have you heard of play therapy before? We know, it might not sound like much more than what you do at home. But, the opportunities from this type of therapy are endless. This specific type of therapy is used when children have a hard time putting their feelings into words.…
November 22, 2023 Read More
Groundbreaking event 2023
Agency Updates

Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Milestone for Child Saving Institute, Heider Family Foundation’s $11 Million Pledge

Child Saving Institute (CSI) is grateful to announce they have broken ground on its $46M Campaign for Hope expansion project. This milestone is possible, thanks to a generous pledge of $11 million from the Heider Family Foundation and major support from other likeminded donors in our community. This combined commitment…
October 19, 2023 Read More
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