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Children or Sponges: The Child’s Mind

By December 21, 2023January 26th, 2024No Comments

Have you ever noticed how quickly children learn? How fast they pick up on new skills? Their brains develop rapidly. The early years are a critical time for the growth and development of your child! They’re learning all of their new strengths…like doing puzzles, holding a pen, or kicking a ball. These are huge milestones!

Let’s refer to the child’s mind as a…sponge. They constantly soak up everything and anything that they can see. Has your child ever said something to you and it completely caught you off-guard? So much to the point where you ask them, “Where in the world did you hear that at?”

Learning takes time. Be patient. Everyday is filled with a whole lot of tears, and a whole lot of mess. But with those things, comes a whole lot of happy.

Just like your laundry pile, their curiosity is boundless! Kids ask so. many. questions. Like a lot. It’s like being on a game show where your prize is when you can answer the question without saying “because I said so.” Turn these questions into educational moments. Take the time to learn about what interests your child, and get excited with them too. As much as children absorb information, they can also tell when you might not feel the same way as them.

One fun thing about continual learning for your child, is that you get to relearn things too (Does anyone else remember math being this hard?). Honestly, it can be a humbling experience. Try explaining multiplication and division to an 8-year-old who asks you when they will ever need that information. Suddenly, you find yourself Googling math tutorials like you were back in college studying for your degree in Engineering.

As kids grow, you get the chance to pass down your wisdom. Your life lessons. Things you have learned and how to give your child an even better experience at life that you have had. That’s the goal, right? To create a better future for the next generations? There’s nothing quite like the joy of watching your child master their next skill. And learn their next lesson.

Ultimately, kids are like sponges. They soak up knowledge and experiences faster than you can even say “time flies.” Embrace this! Embrace them. Share your wisdom and enjoy your journey together. One day, when they’re out conquering the world and mastering their life, you’ll look back on these memories and moments and cherish being their first love. And their first teacher.