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PurseOnalities 2020

Thank you to all of you who attended this year's PurseOnalities event and for your continued support of Child Saving Institute's (CSI) kids. There's still time to donate to PurseOnalities 2020. Click here to make a donation now!

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Click here to view PurseOnalities 2020 behind-the-scenes photos!

PurseOnalities has become one of the most popular and well-attended events in Omaha. This year marks the first-ever virtual PurseOnalities event featuring guest speaker and adoptive mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy.

While raising funds to assist children and youth who have been served by Child Saving Institute (CSI), attendees will enjoy a "Pretty in Pink" themed event with an opportunity to participate in an exclusive silent auction featuring over-the-top designer purse packages. From designer bags to sunglasses and wallets, and everything in between, there is a fabulous find for everyone while supporting a wonderful cause.   


  • Monday, November 2 at 9:00am: Silent Auction Opens
  • Thursday, November 5 at 11:00am: Silent Auction Closes
  • Thursday, November 5 at 11:00am: Opening remarks, followed by keynote speaker Leigh Anne Tuohy

Leigh Anne Tuohy

Leigh Anne and her family’s inspirational journey is proof that when we give a bit of ourselves to other people, we can make the world a better place and perhaps, even save a life.

She shares her personal “Blind Side” observations, from seeing Michael Oher for the first time to how the experience changed her as a person—and the Tuohys as a family. As well, Leigh Anne focuses on the importance of recognizing the full potential of individuals in our communities, inspiring all of us to recognize the value in those who society has deemed valueless, and give whatever we can, whenever we can.

Leigh Anne is a daring, superb, encouraging and motivational speaker who has lectured for a broad spectrum of audiences; from religious groups and town halls to some of the country’s largest corporations, Leigh Anne’s drive is contagious.

Please contact Grace Peterson at 402.504.3634 or gpeterson@childsaving.org for more information or with questions. 


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