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Two friends blow bubbles and enjoy carefree childhoods free from abuse and neglect


Foster Parenting

All children need loving, nurturing role models--especially those who come into foster care. Children in foster care need a safe, secure home that will shelter them from the trauma and pain they have had in their young lives. YOU can be that safe haven for children.

Early Childhood Education

Child Saving Institute's Early Childhood Education program provides nurturing care in two state-of-the-art facilities that are safe, conducive to learning and respectful of each child's individuality. Our centers are more than just daycare, we offer the best quality child care in Omaha.

Parenting Support and Workshops

Looking for information on how to be the best parent you can be? Child Saving Institute offers a variety of informative parenting workshops designed to meet your individual needs.


Child Saving Institute therapists can help your family with a variety of issues including: past trauma; strained relationships; attachment issues; mental health disorders such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, and others; behavioral problems such as hitting, yelling, isolating, risk-taking behaviors, and hurting themselves; divorce; grief and loss issues. Our licensed therapists provide the support, skills, and knowledge necessary to move children and families from uncertainty and hopelessness to a place of hope.

Adoption Services

If you are exploring the possibility of expanding your family through adoption, Child Saving Institute can help. Our agency provides training and support to Nebraska families living within a three-hour radius of Omaha who are seeking adoption services.

Pregnancy Counseling

It’s hard to know where to begin when you first discover you’re pregnant. You have a lot of questions, and you need accurate, helpful information. We can help you explore your options and resources and find the best solutions for you and your baby.


Young children often struggle with strong emotions as they grow and learn about the world around them, sometimes acting out in early child care environments and classrooms. Their disruptive behaviors can affect their own and other children's ability to learn. KidSquad works with children, teachers, and parents to facilitate the children's early social and emotional development.

School and Family Enrichment (SAFE)

This program provides a home-based family support specialist and mental health counseling as needed and is free to families in the Omaha and Millard public school districts. School personnel and parents may request services based on the youth’s behavior at school, attendance, and other individual challenges.

Pediatric Social Services

Child Saving Institute’s (CSI) innovative Pediatric Social Work (PEDS) outreach program focuses on preventing child abuse and neglect. The culturally sensitive program provides parenting and child development support in two low-income medical clinics in Omaha.

Emergency Shelter

Child Saving Institute provides a therapeutic Emergency Shelter for children up to age 18 to address their immediate needs for safety. The focus in the shelter is always on therapeutic care with individualized service plans that emphasize strengths, identify achievable goals, and reinforce small achievements.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills prepares young adults for adult living and provides life-skills attainment through the creation of an individualized service plan. This free community program is available to youth ages 14-24 who are at risk of aging-out  or who have already aged out of the foster care system.

Triage Center

Child Saving Institute operates the Triage Center in partnership with Project Harmony. Founded in 2008, the Triage Center provides a safe place for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma.

In-Home Services

The goal of Child Saving Institute’s In-Home Services program is family preservation.

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