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Missing Youth Services

The Child Saving Institute (CSI) Missing Youth Services offers a safe, community-based facility for probation officers and law enforcement to conduct initial assessments and access expanded intake assessments, as well as recommends additional services for youth and their families.

Youth will be eligible for Missing Youth Services by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • 12 or younger who are arrested for felonies
  • developmentally delayed and not actively violent or aggressive
  • 11 to 18 years old arrested for status offenses, misdemeanor warrants or non-violent and cited for a misdemeanor

Upon arrival, a probation intake officer will utilize the Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI) to determine whether the youth will be detained for community safety or utilize community alternatives. Youth can be screened for the following:

  • behavioral health
  • substance use
  • trauma history
  • physical health
  • suicide risk

Highly trained staff will provide a safe and nurturing environment with a focus on building relationships, offering crisis intervention and connecting families to community resources. Missing Youth Services provides an early intervention opportunity to prevent detainment and provides:

  • comprehensive youth/family assessments, including history, supports, education, legal and social services, employment, strengths and needs
  • crisis intervention
  • shelter care, if necessary and available
  • recommendations to community services
  • case management
  • family involvement
  • safety planning
  • individual or family therapy
  • discharge plan

After assessments and screenings are complete, a discharge plan will be completed and may include the following:

  • home without restriction (report will be submitted to Office of Probation)
  • home with Tracker or Electronic Monitoring (report will be submitted for detention alternative hearing)
  • shelter care pending court (report will be submitted for detention alternative hearing)
  • secure detention as last resort (report will be submitted for detention hearing)

Hours of Operation

Missing Youth Services operates daily, Monday through Sunday, from 8:00am to 11:00pm with immediate intervention services conducted on-site as needed.

Contact Information

Teffany Ulrich
Director of Juvenile Justice Services


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