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Missing Youth Services

Missing Youth Services is designed to assist families who have had children run away from home. Child Saving Institute’s (CSI) staff assess, support and coordinate services for youth and their families to prevent system involvement and future runaway incidents. CSI works to support and link families to much-needed services in an effort to prevent future runaway behavior as well as to stop problems from escalating further.

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Missing Youth Services involve parents and caregivers in order to receive optimal benefit. You, the caregiver, are critical to helping your child and you also deserve to have support in dealing with this challenging situation.

Services offered to families accepted into the Missing Youth Services program include: medical exams, mental health services, support groups, safety planning, advocacy, direct supports and resources, and referrals to other community services.

Population Served through Missing Youth Services

The Missing Youth Services program is designed to assist families who have had non-system involved children run away from home. Missing youth who fit the following criteria will be accepted:

  • Children 11 - 18
  • Missing frequency
  • Lack of services
  • Parental concern
  • Other

Youth who are system involved or have pending criminal charges, JAC or active CPS involvement do not qualify for the Missing Youth Services program.

Please contact one of our MYS staff with any questions or if you are interested in engaging in services.

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