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Poem published in Omaha World-Herald

A poem about Mrs. A.A. McGraw, Chairman of Nursery Committee of the Child Saving Institute, was published in the Omaha World-Herald.

It must be fine to have a heart
So big that when you’re miles apart
The howl of lonesome babies makes
You have all sorts of pains and aches
And calls you whore those infants squawk
In language Just as clear as talk.

The Institute where she is boss
Is quite a long way from McGraw’s
But any hour of day or night
When helpless babes aren’t doing right
This goodly woman hears the cry
And bents it thither, all on high.

How many kids with mother none,
When all this stuff is said and done,
Will never know, when they are grown,
This pal who helped them, all alone,
in hours of dark and stilly night-
Who heard their cries of pain or fright!