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Reception Center Opens at CSI in Collaboration with DCJP & OPD

Child Saving Institute (CSI) has established a new Reception Center at its Mary Holland Campus, 4545 Dodge St. to provide a therapeutic environment for youth being charged with status or other minor offenses.

Status offenses include truancy, running away, possession of alcohol, ungovernable behavior, and other such conduct offenses that would not be crimes if they were adults.

The program operates in close collaboration with the Omaha Police Department and Douglas County Juvenile Probation. Law enforcement officers transport youth to the Reception Center, where they are met by a probation officer and CSI staff. CSI staff are able to address immediate needs, for food or clothing, for example, and assist in informing youth about the booking process.

The probation officer completes a risk assessment to inform next steps, while CSI staff complete an assessment to determine comprehensive areas of need and provide referrals. Most youth will be able to return to their family homes with referrals, while others may require alternative placement. The idea is to address the core issues that led to the youth's choice and decrease the likelihood of continued and/or worsening problematic behaviors, therefore decreasing the likelihood that he/she will return to the Reception Center or progress further into the criminal justice system. CSI staff follow up with all youth served and/or youth’s family within a few days to assist with accessing services and/or to provide additional referrals.

Teffany Murphy manages the Reception Center. The Reception Center opened to accept youth in late May.

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