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Child Saving Institute Presents Tips for Managing Masks and Children

August 17, 2020

Designed with teachers and parents in mind, Half Hidden: A Book to Help Children Decipher Emotions Beneath the Mask, is a tool created by Child Saving Institute (CSI) employees Diana Shaw, LMHP, RPT and Michelle Halpine to assist with knowing how to help children and adults navigate emotions with their faces hidden behind a face covering.  

The human face is a portal into the world of others and reading facial cues has a basis in survival. The emotional expression of others helps decipher important clues about what is happening. The face is so interesting, and important, that just nine minutes after birth, newborn babies prefer to look at faces than any other object. How can children read adult’s emotions, and how can adults interpret children’s emotions if their face, the portal to the world, is covered?

Half Hidden: A Book to Help Children Decipher Emotions Beneath the Mask serves as a resource to help you manage your child or your student’s emotions and facial expressions in the new reality of face coverings. CSI invites you to access this resource by visiting childsaving.org and clicking on Services – KidSquad. An instructional video providing tips and additional instruction into fully utilizing the resource is also available.

For additional information, please contact Director of Prevention Services Jana Habrock at (402) 504-3637 or jhabrock@childsaving.org.

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