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Trauma Informed Care: Breaking the Cycle

By June 12, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments
Father comforting young child in his arms

In today’s fast-paced world and ever-changing environments, it’s crucial to recognize and address the impact of trauma on children and families. Trauma-informed care has emerged as a groundbreaking approach to healing and support those individuals who have experienced trauma. Child Saving Institute (CSI) is at the forefront of this care – offering vital services that prioritize empathy, empowerment, and resilience through life. So, how are we making a difference?

Understanding Trauma
Trauma can manifest in many forms. Crying, tantrums, significant behavioral changes, and more. These can overwhelm a child’s ability to cope with their feelings. Trauma isn’t just from neglect. It can happen in many ways such as the loss of a loved one, abuse, or even violence. This can disrupt that child or family’s sense of safety, security, and trust, leaving lasting scars affecting their well-being and mental health.

Trauma-informed care goes beyond just acknowledging that something bad has happened. It involves a huge shift that recognizes the interconnected impact of trauma on a child or family and the need for sensitive support. There are tons of reasons why this type of therapy is important

  • Safety and trust: Trauma-informed care prioritizes creating safe environments that foster trust and empowerment. At CSI, we provide a sanctuary for children and families, ensuring their physical and emotional safety while rebuilding trust that may have been completely shattered by a traumatic experience.
  • Empathy and understanding: This type of therapy recognizes that everyone is unique and validates their emotions, perspectives, and even their reactions to trauma. CSI ensures that each child feels heard, seen, and understood.
  • Collaboration: Child Saving Institute has a team of 10 therapists and two nurse practitioners who collaborate and provide comprehensive care to our families and children. It’s important to involve the individual in the decision-making process and give them options on how to move forward. CSI even offers medication management services to those that need it.

Healing takes time. We are here to help you build a strong foundation that will take you and your child through a successful path.